Load Sensor and Weight Control

Product Description

load sensor is designed for load control and cargo weight control in vehicle tracking systems. load sensor can be connected to the analog input, RS232/485 or CanBusof of tracking device.

With load sensor, a vehicle tracking system gets valuable information about the location and situation of loading ,unloading or overloading the vehicle. load sensor passes the information on raising or lowering the load on axle next to spring to terminal . Vehicle tracking system with the help of GPS determines the location and time. The user of a system receives information about changes in load in the form of parameters or diagrams.

  • Could detect empty, loaded, overloaded, or specific load weights.
  • Best-in -market capabilities. calibration-free required.
  • Unique design and material, best toughest area ratings.
  • Best accessories and brackets. easy install.
  • Best vibration resistant, up to 5G/40Hz.