AMAN for Educational transportation

allows students and Parents to follow the bus location when you come to the house and departure Students are allowed to register the home site for the start of the transfer request Allows the registration of an apology for going to the university on a particular day, complaints and follow-up and record attendance of the bus Then the student’s requests come to the management system to distribute all students points over the buses depends on bus capacity, student neighborhood and students' points near to each other for getting the best bus route to reduce time, money, fuel and effort. After that the bus route send to the driver through the driver app to tell him the directions and the best route to avoid the traffic and the next stop point. Also, the diver app allows the students to register manual attendance if the student lost his card

AMAN Applications :

Student App :

enables the student to follow-up the bus route and know it's location and the estimated time for arrival .

The user receives notification messages incase of the arrival of the bus or general notifications from the university.

The student can apologize for attending with the possibility of canceling the apology or modifying the appointment.

The student can present a report (absence and attendance - ride and get off).

Notification is sent to the parent in case of ( ride - run - absence - apology ).

Parents can add more than one student and follow up them easily .

Parents App :

parents can follow-up the bus route and know it's location and the estimated time for arrival.

parents can also receive notification messages incase of the arrival of the bus or general notifications from the university..

parents can monitor the apologizes that the student made , and the reports for attendance and abscence .

parents can recieve notification of ( absence - apology ).

Driver application :

the driver can view the path on the map, he will be able to display the next breakpoint and also display the statics of (current students - attendance in period - departure in period- absence)..

Through attendance report, the driver is able to view attendance, departure, apologies and absence of the current period with the time of attendance and departure for all students.

When the journey start of by the driver, the trip start button is load the trip data and the desired route.

The bus / driver account receives notification messages from the system in case of ( Passing student point without fetching in the bus - apologizes for the attendance - System Notification messages )

Route Planning

The system administrator is able to set the buses for specified periods ( morning - evening - late evening ).

The user can select the period, university and neighborhood with the choice of students and buses to implement and plan the tracks

The user can send the result of the route layout to the email after the completion of the planning process.

The planning process is done automatically by distributing students as points on buses through a specific mechanism to reach the best results.

The user can view the specific plans with the possibility to follow on the map and contact the driver.

The system allows the user to manually modify the proposed layout before execution.

university adminstration

Planning Administration ( States - Provinces - Colleges ).

Management of observers / contractors / contracts.

Manage users' privileges and system users.

Drivers Management.

Bus and Route management.

Manage stop points and pick up points.

Department of bus accommodation.

Technical support ticket management.

Instant Follow up.


Application Features