Logisitic Support System

Logistic support system is a management system for manage the clients orders and watch the trunks and routes.

Using the system , user can add clients orders then distribute the orders automatic on the trunks driver that receive the order and deliver to the client.

System has an automatic way to connect between the trunks drivers and the admin at anytime.


Applications features :

Admin System (Web Application) :

  • Add new order for each client with an ability of import orders from excel file using a specific template .
  • The user can add new order template and save for using it later.
  • The user can filter the orders list with specific date or type.
  • The user can select list of orders , units and warehouses to automatic generate the routes using route optimization module.
  • After generate the routes , user can save or delete the generate routes with ability to update the orders and unit selected and recalculate the routes again.
  • The user can view the list of routes on the map with its current state ( state for each order ).
  • The user can generate a report with specific date and based on (unit - driver - driver group - unit group).
  • Generated report can export as excel sheet , pdf or print it.
  • The user can chatting with the driver and can send an image file.
  • System user can manage ( add-edit-delete-view ) the list of the clients that related to the orders and use them when add new order.
  • System user can manage the system units data (carrying capacity- effective capacity) .
  • System user can manage the company warehouses .

Distribution Optimization

First of all indicate if you are going to utilize routing in the route building algorithm. The usage of routing allows calculating estimated arrival time considering road speed limits. Besides, upon routing usage the system provides the possibility to increase an estimated arrival calculation's accuracy by means of implementing speed coefficients for both inside and outside a city. Let's use an example. A supposed route is laid both through a city and outside it. You know for sure that at specified delivery interval there is the highest city traffic that results in decreasing an average speed in half. Moreover, you have an information that there is a road work on your route outside the city that will also lead to decreasing an average speed by one third. These issues may result in considerable differences between estimated and actual arrival times. To avoid such an inaccuracy, the coefficients are used. You need to decrease average speed coefficients inside and outside a city by half and third, correspondingly. Therefore, time for overcoming the obstacles will be considered in the route building algorithm.


This section is intended for the monitoring of routes delivery. Routes are displayed in the table according to their filter state (active/planning/fulfilled) .

The planning routes are inactive routes of a current day or routes of the following day. Information on the fulfilled routes is displayed for 24 hours, afterwards it is automatically moved to history. Besides, if it is necessary to send information on fulfilled routes to history without waiting 24 hours, you can do it manually

Chatting with Driver

This section is designed to communicate with drivers.


provides a possibility of generating various reports regarding routes. Reports can be used for the complex analysis of a courier's work..

Report interval can be either set using a 'Quick interval' (yesterday, today, week, month, last 7 days, last 30 days) or chosen in the calendar. Working with the calendar, it is necessary to pick initial and final dates of an interval. If an interval consists of a single day, then indicate it as both initial and final date of an interval. After indicating report's interval, click OK..

Clients Management

The user can add new Client template and save for using it later.

Driver App :

To work with Logistics Mobile, create a driver in the monitoring system and assign him to a unit. In a driver properties dialog it is necessary to enter a phone number and a mobile key. Indicated values are used as login (phone number) and password (mobile key) for the application authorization...

Orders Management

The dmin can monitor all the orders and distribute it to a certain driver .