8 ways to boost your supply chain revenue

The easiest way to manage your supply chain and boost its performance is now available.

Supply chain management is always the key to success and achieving your business goals. If your business stands between the supply and demand, suppliers and clients, inventory and requests, and your plans depend on many variables, then you need either to work 24/7 or to follow these points to achieve more key performance indicators.

Here's the recipe, read it carefully:

1. Optimize distribution:

Plan the routes for your drivers, create the shortest, fastest and most optimized distribution plans, to communicate an accurate delivery time to your clients and benefit of each working hour of your drivers and vehicles.

distribution optimization

2.  Monitor and update routes:

Check all the distribution routes, view the last/next stop for each vehicle and compare the real delivery time with the planned one.

3. Keep an eye on your inventory:

Always keep an eye on your inventory and know how much stock you have in it.

4. Establish a communication channel:

A two-way communication way between you and your drivers will empower your business. Always remember that the business that has the best communication way is the most successful one.

Communicationn channel

5. Manage your client's database:

Always keep your clients detailed info updated in your database and save it for future planning.

6. Orders management:

Track and monitor all the orders and distribute it to the assigned driver with the updated routes.

7. Detailed-in time reports:

A real-time report will enrich you with valuable insights that makes you optimize your decision-making skills for the supply chain strategy. This accurate and on time data and information is the secrete behind your healthy supply chain improvement for your manufacturing business.

8. Call AFAQY and ask for Lasting Logistics products:

AFAQY Logistic and supply a full-stack management system  can handle the whole process of delivering and receiving goods, it will track your supplies and arrange your production according to it, it will help you to control the delivery process and monitor your drivers’ behavior, by using the system you will get all the data integrated and analyzed, so you can optimize your most complicated and dependent sequential processes.


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