AVL (Automatic Vehicle Locater)

AVL (Automatic Vehicle Locater)

A system that simulates everything into one screen

Managing your valuable assets and achieving your business goals is not an easy process.

AFAQY introduces the brand new AVL system, our latest innovation in the Internet of Things industry.

Through the past decade, the embedded systems to monitor your assets were massively developed across the world. All the sensors and RFID tags are going smaller and effective.

The challenge was that the current systems are able to monitor a maximum number of 10K vehicles at one time.

The solution was to integrate the hardware with a software system that shows the results of the sent parameters of each hardware on a screen as a readable data for the user.

But there was always another challenge!

We at AFAQY always do our best to meet the clients’ expectations, also We go for the extra miles as long as it fits our clients’ business needs.

 As a result of hardworking, our reputation through the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has gone viral. This reputation makes us the number one company in IoT field, which reflects a huge number of new clients among the past 10 years. Our clients’ list has exceeded 1500 client with hundreds of thousands of assets holding our hardware and monitored by our AVL software system.

In 2017, The question that aroused was how could we manage tons of data sent from more than hundreds of thousands vehicle in 1 second?

As usual, we have gone big, we have asked Google to train us on how to handle this situation.

This Big data integration between AFAQY and Google has made us gone big again and again.

You can easily monitor up to 100K units at the same time and though one screen.

We now own the most advanced servers in the middle east that could handle what we asked for.

Did we stop at that point? Of course not.

We have upgraded our AVL system with a set of features, the latest technology trends, security, user experience and interface.  

Now our new AVL System is ready to handle these tons of tons of data without any problems.

The AVL system now has its own unique databases, servers, user interface, and system architecture.

We have added brand new features and tabs all over the system that can boost your business goals and revenue.

Detailed customized reports can be generated on daily basis or even on minutes basis.
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