Integrating Future Technologies

About Us

Back in 2005, a group of talented engineers, designers and developers - who have been creating remarkable products for years, combined their efforts and initiated an ambitious project with a clear vision to allow entities in managing, expanding, and making more revenue from their vehicles by using state-of-the-art technologies. And that’s how AFAQY started.

Now AFAQY has become an official partner with the biggest manufacturers of GPS tracking hardware in the world. We pride ourselves on building genuine solutions for different industries including but not limited to; Telecommunications, Constructions, Car leasing and Money transfer industries. We have built some game-changing solutions for different business sizes ranging from corporations to SMEs & SOHOs, and we still seek the joy of new challenges.


We aim to go beyond the regional market and acquire territories all over the globe. By applying the best business practices and adopting innovation as the cornerstone of all our work while keeping an eye on sustainability, we provide exceptional services that can stand the global competition.


Our mission is to help organizations in getting more out of their vehicles, while keeping the day to day operations agile and efficient, the main function of all our solutions is collecting and analysing data to support the business owners/ managers in taking the right decisions in the right time.


  • Long-term partnerships: we know that clients’ needs evolve with their growth and we keep developing our solutions to match the ever-changing challenges. 
  • Business comes first: we are committed to provide holistic solutions that can improve your business performance in a timely manner.  
  • Unbiased approach: every client is equally important to us, we take the utmost care to maintain the highest quality of our services for each and every one in the list.
  • Driven by solutions: we don’t get too much excited about new technologies or applications, but we get excited about the perfect solutions for each business challenge.
  • Success: Our customers are our partners in success! We can't grow unless you grow and we measure our success by yours.
  • People oriented: we recognize our employees, encourage them to innovate, train them, and develop their sets of skills.


  • We’re experts in this field

We have more than 12 years of accumulated experiences in the relatively new IOT industry. And we know what it takes to build a scalable, economical and reliable solution.

  • We wear your hat

We are business oriented, our business analysts and pre-sales engineers will work as your consultants to identify your real needs and set a clear ROI before we start building your solution.

  • We learn from our customers

Our solutions are getting better because we pay attention when a customer suggest a feature or a tweak, we have the experience and technical knowledge but you know your business better. 

  • We innovate

We have some basic ready-made solutions that you can pick off the shelves, also we tailor sophisticated solutions according to your requirements, but in both cases, we don’t stop improving our products, and our R&D experts are in the hunt for new innovations every morning.

  • We take security seriously

We promise to keep your data safe all the time and under any circumstances, by using the most advanced protocols and security tools.

  • We can customize it all

As an official partner with the hardware manufacturers, we can add or adjust the devices to match your business needs, we also design special sensors so that we can collect the finest data and deliver it on time.   

  • We support after sales

We strive to design customer centric solutions, we train our customers on the system and we depend on the best hardware, but sometimes things just happen. At any moment if you find it hard to get what you need from the system, contact our customer services and they will get it fixed.   

  • We fulfill our promises

Our solutions are delivered on time, as promised and within budget.