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To remain competitive, it’s crucial for fleets to have the ability to track every aspect of their fleet, from maintenance and inspections to utilization and costs. Unfortunately, many fleet managers spend too much time hunting down information from drivers and manually entering data, leaving no time to proactively manage their fleet and improve processes.


Increase productivity

Fleet control directly in the time required to make the drivers and especially the playboys of them know that there is direct control at all times, forcing the driver to be cautious and not reckless driving, and this leads to a significant increase in productivity and also using this system, management can see how quickly the arrival of passengers to their places and Will driver committed to the plan daily or not?

Reduce operating costs

Using this system, you can reduce costs substantially, through your knowledge and your control on the time and fuel wasted by drivers.

Reduce operational risk

And through the use of the button next to the driver in the event that the vehicle is or was in any danger and thus may have benefited from the services offered to you from us point of observation and follow-up and also on the protection of the vehicle.

Increase efficiency

Our system helps you to arrangement the driver Geography and in the case of whether the driver of income to another driver region our system record all of these cases. This is easily for management to separate any case between drivers.


Track All Of Your Fleet Data In One Place

Store everything- license and registration renewal reminders, warranty info, loan/lease data, telematics data, group/location, important documents, notes and more.

Plan And Optimize Asset Utilization

Make the best use of your assets. Easily schedule and assign assets to drivers, while gaining visibility into which assets are being underutilized. Adjust schedules accordingly or simply get rid of underutilized assets altogether to reduce costs.

View A Complete Of Activities For Every Asset

AFAQY keeps a record of every activity related to each asset. Track assignment and location history, in-house and outsourced maintenance activities, fuel and expense transactions and more, all without the hassle of spreadsheets.

Uncover Cost-saving Opportunities By Understanding Your Total Cost

Port on all expenses and operating costs to see a full financial picture of vehicle ownership and ensure your assets remain profitable.

Optimize Vehicle Cycling Based On Individual Asset Trends

No vehicle is the same, so why would your replacement policies be? Track the cost of each vehicle in real-time so you can properly respond to changing market conditions and unpredictable wear and tear.

Identify Trends And Gain Better Cost Insights By Tracking Fleet Expenses

From loan and lease payments to oil changes, tolls and parking violations, easily keep chronological records of asset expenses.


Stay Informed In Real Time

View alerts and your most important metrics at-a-glance. Customize data visualization and drill down into any metric to see detailed reporting.

Data Insight At Your Fingertips

View simple, intuitive fleet reports on everything from cost per mile/km metrics to maintenance trends and downtime. With all your data in one system, reporting stays timely, accurate and actionable.

Keep Your Entire Fleet In-The-Know

Generate reports in seconds or subscribe to and schedule reports to send to stakeholders on a schedule keeping everyone in the loop.



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