Internet of Things

Internet of things

Internet of things is a big concept derived from the internet of people.

The internet of people makes a revolutionary change in the ways of communications.

Starting from the smart homes, vehicles to optimizing business operations, etc. It connected everything together.

Benson Hougland | TEDxTemecula talk illustrates the difference between the internet of things and internet of people in a detailed funny way.

Hougland said that " geek tum' and technology is poised to a huge leap forward and its name is the internet of things"

We agree with Hougland, the internet of things is a revolutionary art in the technology field.

The art that facilitates everything around us.

It gives things a soul and organs to feel, smell, see, hear, respond, memorize, and even share their experience with other things connected to them.

Things now can be connected through the internet and communicate together same as people.

A huge amount of data is transmitted between them to facilitate our day to day life.

Nowadays, you can have a smartwatch to control your phone when you are far away from it. You can apply the internet of things on your home to transform it from an ordinary house to a smart-secured one.

Your vehicles are now being applied to the internet of things as it has sophisticated sensors that give you alerts about everything in it and its surroundings.

AFAQY introduces a set of revolutionary products for various industries:

Fleet management Connected Cars
  • Cars are now safer, with the data collected directly from car occupants. Road assistance can be provided for drivers from the nearest service center including requesting a wench, A perfect solution for people who hit the road for the first time, especially women. Manufacturers will know all issues on dashboard of vehicles and emergency issues to contact the user promptly and fix it.
  • Monitor car maintenance through the system and receive schedule for visiting maintenance centers for periodic maintenances, also receive notifications and reminders for Emergency maintenances, this will save your time, money, effort and keep your car at the peak performance.

Fleet management, Tracking system, School buses

AMAN system is a full solution for schools and universities, offering an accurate bus tracking for all of the parents, students and administrations. The school/university side can manage the distribution of buses, track the buses routes, plan the best routes daily, and the drivers can receive this info on their applications. While the parents can track the bus location, add a new pick-up point or apologize for any day if the student will not attend. This holistic solution is to secure a safe learning road.


Closed-circuit television (CCTV), also known as video surveillance is the use of video cameras to transmit a signal to a specific place, on a limited set of monitors. The CCTV technologies carry lots of useful solution for

AFAQY uses the CCTV technology in different solutions including but not limited to:

  • IP Cameras

IP based cameras are the future of security, they work by turning images and audio into data then transmitting this data over a private network or Internet connection. The key benefits of this having the highest quality of videos / photos and receiving them instantly in many devices, and this solution proved outstanding performance in many businesses upon which; Carparks and Hypermarkets.

  • Money transfer and movement of valuable assets

With the CCTV solutions added to the tracking you will have a full a complete security solution to allow you view inside and outside your vehicle and compare this view with the data generated from the GPS tracker to confidently say you have achieved the maximum possible security level.

Ready Mix trucks, concrete mixers

AFAQY supports ready mix concrete suppliers by an outstanding solution to make high-performance concrete. Our system is a holistic solution that ensures the consistent manufacturing and transportation of concrete from plant to pour. The solution monitors the elastic properties of the concrete and automatically adjusts these properties as needed by adding the proper quantity of water or admixture

Fleet management, clean cities

The system is able to automate the whole process of cleaning streets, waste collection, containers washing and vehicles maintenance in addition to tracking drivers’ performance. System admin will be able to generate an optimized route for each truck and track the generated plan, also he will be able to view the momentarily status of each container, street and vehicle, so he can update the plan according to real-time insights.

The system uses advanced sensors like (Hydraulics sensor - load sensor – waste container fullness Sensors) to send accurate reports whenever needed, and it will send alerts if any waste container is full or any street needs an immediate action, in order to keep all the streets of our city shiny clean.

Internet of things can also improve your factory production, optimize your workflow operation, secure your assets, boost your business revenue, give you real-updates about your assets, more and more things the internet of things can do for you.

We can tailor our products features to suit exactly your business needs.

To know how can we help you to optimize your life and business, you can find us at Saudi IoT 19, Booth no. A2A3,  from Feb 13, 2019 to Feb 15, 2019. Or Give us a call (at +966-9200-10519)

Internet of things