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The system is able to automate the whole process of cleaning streets, waste collection, containers washing and vehicles maintenance in addition to tracking drivers’ performance. System admin will be able to generate an optimized route for each truck and track the generated plan, also he will be able to view the momentarily status of each container, street and vehicle, so he can update the plan according to real-time insights.

The system uses advanced sensors like (Hydraulics sensor – load sensor – waste container fullness Sensors) to send accurate reports whenever needed, and it will send alerts if any waste container is full or any street needs an immediate action, in order to keep all the streets of our city shiny clean.

System features

The system connects many parties, and to make sure that every single person is getting the best of the system we’ve designed five different apps with five different sets of features.

System features with details

More productive assets, more efficient cleaning

Fleet managers can proactively track and identify potential problems to improve vehicle uptime.

Reduce Risk & costs

Reduced maintenance and repair costs through more proactive management of potential maintenance issues with real-time fault alerts and other actionable vehicle data.

Real-time alerts

Real-time alerts that reduce the occurrence of on-the-route breakdowns which can be time-consuming and costly.

Notification to the admin and all the system user with any violation.

Live Tracking

Live tracking for all the registered trucks and waste containers statuses at the same time.

Fast Communication

Easy and fast communication between the administration and the drivers with any update in the planned routes.

Data analysis

With more data collected from the vehicles, streets and waste containers, you will have more detailed reports about the places need more containers, the best time to let the vehicles start cleaning, the shortest routes, and many more useful insights will significantly improve your future plans.

System Screenshots

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