Now you can literally communicate with your car!

The Connected Cars concept allows automotive makers and sellers of adding more feature to the cars they sell. They can set rules to receive alerts or notifications about any problems before it even occurs, and they can communicate with the car owner to schedule a proactive maintenance to avoid any troubles, also they can send notifications to drivers if they see any risks coming, plus preparing a detailed list of actions to do in the periodic maintenance according to each car status in order to keep all the cars at the peak performance.

System features

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System features with details

On Board Diagnostics device (OBDII)

Easy to be installed without external help It can detect problems long before the driver is even able to notice any symptoms.

Real time data

Provides information to engineers faster than traditional processes for a quicker issues resolution, less recalls and in car system upgrade.

Maintenance update

Monitor car maintenance system and determine the dates and action list of the next visit, so you can save time, money, effort and enhance customer’s experience.

Remote system upgrades

Reduce the time needed to fix a system issue or install a new application.

User profile & system update

Personalize specific features and system updates according to each driver’s preferences.


Send road assistance even before needed, stop the car remotely in case of theft and send alerts to drivers in any case of emergency.

First time drivers

With women driving for the first time, they’ll need some help in diagnosing and understanding any issues with the car. The system can be set to send notifications to specific numbers – not only car owner, in order to get the highest possible security.

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