Logistics are no brainer anymore

When your business stands between suppliers and clients, your plans depend on many variables, and having different system to follow the supply chain, logistics, delivery, and fleet will get you too much data and analysing this data will be a challenge itself.

AFAQY Logistic and supply a full-stack management system that can handle the whole process of delivering and receiving goods, it will track your supplies and arrange your production according to it, it will help you to control the delivery process and monitor your drivers’ behaviour, by using the system you will get all the data integrated and analysed, so you can optimize your most complicated and dependant sequential processes.

System features

System features with details

Admin System (Web Application)

  • Add new order for each client, import orders from excel sheets
  • Add new order template and save for later usage
  • Filter the orders list with specific date or type.
  • Select list of orders, units and warehouses to automatic generate the routes using route optimization module.
  • Save or delete the generated routes with an option to update the orders and units selected
  • View the list of routes on the map with its current state (state for each order).
  • Generate reports with specific date and based on (unit – driver – driver group – unit group).
  • The admin can chat with the driver.
  • The admin can manage company warehouses.


Optimize Distribution

The Route Planner module will let you create the shortest, fastest and most optimized distribution plan, to communicate an accurate delivery time to your clients and benefit of each working hour of your drivers and vehicles. The system accuracy depends on many factors, like implementing speed coefficients inside and outside the city.


Monitor routes

Check all the distribution routes from one screen, view the last / next stop for each vehicle and compare the real delivery time with the planned one.


Chat with your Driver

Communicate with your drivers easily, update their routes and send notifications, sent them inquiries or just say well done.


Clients management

Add new client with detailed addresses and save it for future planning.


Driver App

Is including on the system where the driver can view the request routes for each day with the ability to confirm/report a problem in the delivery of each order.


Orders Management

The admin can monitor all the orders and distribute it to a certain driver.


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