Ready-Mix Challenges

The ready-mix industry is like a theatre play that requires a lot of rehearsals to deliver a perfect play. But as we all know there's nothing perfect, the industry faces massive challenges.

These challenges could critically affect the business. The challenges are permeating every department in the business starting from hiring the labors, the trips, the quality of the delivered concrete and delivering at the agreed time.

Through the following few lines, we will take you through the challenges and show you how Steady-Ready mix from AFAQY can help facilitate Ready Mix industry business processes and boost revenue.

#1 Concrete Quality:

To deliver the required concrete quality you may face various probable problems like discoloration, scaling, crazing, cracking and curling of the concrete.

All of these problems happen as a result of errors in the mixture components. It affects the concrete badly and threaten the safety of people lives.

Ready-Steady Mix from AFAQY gives you the perfect solution to deliver the perfect concrete mix as it's featured with water and concrete sensors embedded in the mixers to monitor their levels and the quality of the mixture.

Ready mix sensor

List of Embedded Sensors

ready mix sensors

Sensors properties

#2 Low profit, High cost:

     The second challenge facing the ready-mix industry is the high cost required to deliver the perfect concrete mix with high quality.
The reason behind the high cost is represented in a massive amount of damaged concrete during the trips. This wasted concrete is unpreventable yet it can be controlled to limit this loss. Ready-Steady mix from AFAQY gives you control over the trucks' trips to reduce loss and increase your profit margin. 
  Steady Ready-Mix gives you the ability to:

  •  Creating Geo -Fencing zones and getting notifications for entering or Leaving such zones.
  • Categorize/Group Geo-Fences zones (like Washing Area, Loading Area, …etc.).
  • Specify a Speed Limit for the Geo-Fence.
  • Create Geo-fences with different shapes.
  • Create a route with a starting point and ending point on the map, along with the route in-between.
  • Ability to have multiple checkpoints in each route
  • Getting Alerts upon none completion of the trip with the route defined.
Ready mix geo fences

Creating geo fences with defining the objects

ready mix geo fences

Different shapes of geo fences

Ready mix Geofences speed limit

Speed limits and alerts

ready mix routes
ready mix routes
ready mix routes

Create a route with a starting point and ending point on the map, along with the route in-between

#3 Hiring Skilled labor and existing employees/ workers:

      Each industry has its own challenges and works hard to find a smart effective solution to face them. The common challenge between them is hiring skilled, talented, professional and experienced with the criteria that suits the business. Retaining existing labor is a challenge is no less important than hiring new ones.

The results of different surveys show that there's a crunch in skill trades and that business owners were unable to hire labors with previous professional experience that fits the business needs, moreover, facing a huge unsolved issue in retaining existing workers while tracking their activities and evaluating them.
Steady Ready mix makes it easier to your HR, Operation and project managers as its features can be used to:

  • Monitor the driver's behavior
  • Monitor concrete quality
  • Monitor water levels
  • Monitor concrete levels
  • Get notified with the mixer status instantly (loading, discharging, washing, arrival at destination, leaving the plant, etc.)

ready mix left site

Left site

Ready mix left plant

left plant

ready mix truck charging


Ready mix discharging


Ready Mix washing


#4 Tracing your business work flow:

To increase the growth rate of your business you must trace its development with detailed reports.

Steady-Ready mix generates the required reports by single clicks.
You can generate customized reports to each truck or the whole fleet. The report contains:

  • Concrete trip

  • Water usage

  • Performance report

  • Performance report daily
Ready mix water usage report

Water usage report

ready mix performance report

Daily performance report

ready mix performance report

Performance report

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