We deliver to meet your expectations!


Our developers and research team are doing their utmost and rocking it with new updates to make our products meet your expectations with a new updated version of AFAQY AVL supported with new features and a new user-friendly interface.

The updated version is all about empowering you to track and monitor your vehicles more efficiently.

  • General features: Tracking, routes, geofences, and managing.
  • A user-friendly interface that meets all your expectations.
  • Exceptional overall performance.
  • We integrated the ultra-modern Tracking technology that allows you to meet the desires of the international market with superb user experience features.
  • Real-time vehicles tracking.
  • System admin can chat with drivers.
  • You can send notifications from one system to another.
  • Audit log feature
  • Which allows you to view deleted records, whereas having a duplicate of it in the recycle bin and restoring it anytime you need.
  • Bilingual service through English and Arabic languages.
  • Multi-color feature
  • You can adjust the colors that are suitable to your brand colors.
  • Managing the content of the system easily through a user-friendly platform (CMS)
  • Tremendous updates through the tracking screen, supporting the greatest number of vehicles from the same account, while managing it easily.
  • Allowing you to determine the setup of every module
  • Connect with AFAQY’s various solutions through (API).
  • Reports
  • Easily generate effectual tracking reports, allowing you to add multiple options when exporting data, according to your industry requirements.
  • Enabling you to import/export all the system’s data through excel sheets as a backup or editing the data.
  • Security
  • You can track all the amendments and modifications done by any user.
  • Delete saved cookies to increase the safety of the information in case, the password of the account is leaked.
  • Define various permissions authority to each user.
What’s next? 
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