We had the honour to participate in Hajj season 1439.

AFAQY had the honour to take part in the most celebrated event in the Islamic calendar, pilgrim (Hajj). With the Saudi Arabian authorities depending more on high-tech, AFAQY had the opportunity to cooperate with the Syndicate of cars, under the umbrella of the Ministry of Hajj in organizing the largest human gathering on the planet.
We have delivered 17500 tablets with Samsung Knox system, which enables the authorities to monitor the buses that deliver pilgrims (Hojjajj) from all over the world to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. AFAQY system also allowed the authorities to:
  • Observe vehicles remotely
  • Receive information about location, direction and status of each unit to access the details needed to correct unwanted events
  • Real-time intervention in emergencies (reduce risks)
  • Tracking drivers, this information can be used for planning and coordination purposes
The usage of AFAQY’s system assisted the authorities in safely transporting (number of pilgrims- Hojjajj) during pilgrim- Hajj year 1439.
Moreover, the system was installed in the buses delivering pilgrims (Hojjajj) from all over the world to Saudi Arabia, the journeys took days, however, the authorities were able to monitor the buses anywhere and anytime and they knew fuel consumption rates, speed and direction via the at their fingertips. This saved time, money and ensured safety during the holy trip.

We are proudly facilitating the job of those who organize the world's largest public gathering.

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